Shwe Phone Pwint Pagoda

This ridge-top temple to the south of town has dizzying views over Taunggyi and Inle Lake. Wind are fresh and morning sunshine over the city. Pleasant sound of the bell from top of pagoda were swing with fresh air. Unforgettable view of Pagoda and overview of city map will never leave in eyes and still remember when you dreams.

Mya Sein Taung Pagoda

Mya Sein Tuang Pagoda situated on a mountain that behind Shwe Phone Pwint Pagoda Hill. Its take 15 mins to reach by taxi or cycle. Mountain views as orbiting and site seeing along the road are like going through the forest.

Sulamuni Pagoda

On the southern outskirts of town, this huge white temple complex has a gilded corncob stupa that pays tribute to the Ananda Pahto in Bagan. Local people celebrate Thindingyut and also Tasaung Taing Yellow Rope Offering ceremony every year.

Yatawmu Pagoda

This Buddhist temple in the southwest of Taunggyi is dominated by a 60-foot high standing Buddha.

Old Market

The original of Taunggyi's two markets, you'll find household goods here, as well as food and clothes and almost anything you can think of, mostly imported from China and Thailand. Like its newer counterpart, this is the most bustling place in Taunggyi during the day.

New Market

Taunggyi's second market copes with the overflow from the old market, a reflection of how important a retail centre Taunggyi is. It's always busy.

Night Market

Taunggyi’s night market is the place to go for bargain local eats like Shan Noodle, Shan style rice, local tea tasting and supper for traditional snacks or Indian cuisine and snacks.

Vine Yard

Located at Aythaya, 3 miles west of Taunggyi, this vineyard – the country's first – sits at an elevation of 4290ft on well-watered, limestone-rich soils, providing good growing conditions for shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, sauvignon blanc, chenin blanc and moscato grapes. Open daily for tours and tastings. One of only two vineyards in Myanmar, it also hosts attractive teak-built accommodation (the ‘Monte Di Vino Lodge’) with views of the picturesque Aythaya Valley.

Fire Balloon Festival

One of Myanmar’s most famous yearly gatherings, the Taunggyi Fire Balloon Festival is held for several days around the Full Moon of Tazaungmon, which is a national holiday and marks the end of the rainy season (early November in the Gregorian calendar). The festival features fireworks and a startling array of different balloon designs, with competitions for style and elevation achieved.

The daytime hours are focussed around family entertainment, with large animal-shaped balloons – but the revelries go on through the night until the early hours of the following morning, when huge balloons laden with hundreds of fireworks are sent up into the sky.

Visitors should note that safety standards are not what they should be, and there have been a number of accidents over the years; you should make certain to maintain a safe distance from the balloons. During the festival, accommodation prices are sharply increased and transport to Taunggyi should be booked well in advance.

Shan State Culture Museum & Library

In addition to the usual displays of local ethnic-group outfits, you’ll also find a handful of displays of weapons, musical instruments and jewellery. There's also a small section about Shan State's saophas, or sky princes, who ruled Shan State until the colonial era. English-language captions are lacking.